A New Democracy

The old house from the Ukraine’s countryside and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine

The rapid spread of the Corona and the concentration of wealth for a few, are signs that a democracy led by political parties has failed. I have had an idea that may to fix it.

The economic model is made to favor industrialized countries. Its victims are countries whose GDP rests on manpower, such as services. These countries are the tourist countries of southern Europe .. such as Greece, Italy and Spain.

This is a part of the message I sent to the President of Ukraine December 8, 2019. 

Mr. President

You have 450 parliamentary seats in Ukraine, whose representatives are selected by two different methods. You also have 490 smaller administrative districts, Raions, plus 118 City Raions (as of 2004, as says Wikipedia).

1. Combine existing Raions, including cities, so that the total number of Raions will be 450?
Or you increase the number of representatives, for example, to 500. Even that is not too much if compare it to the amount of your population.

2. Each Raion will elect one  Member of Parliament who will have the same number of votes as is his or her Raion’s population.

3. In his or her decisions, the Member of Parliament shall listen to the instructions or decisions of the Raion. (Which way exactly, will be the decision of Ukrainians themselves.)

This is the way to get gradually rid of political groups and corruption. In addition, the inhabitants of eastern Ukraine will get the equal opportunities to represent their own regions. Peace can never be built in any country, if some inhabitants do not feel to be a part of the nation.

Reijo Lahdenperä

Wikipedia: Raions of Ukraine are the second level of administrative division of Ukraine, below the Oblast, and are the most common division of regions of Ukraine.
Raions are one of three types of administrative divisions of regions of Ukraine and second level in the administrative divisions of Ukraine.

In countries with a smaller population, the same could be built on the responsibility of municipalities / cities.

I recommend next http://reijolahdenpera.com/equal-tax-law-model/

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