Climate Secures together with other details

Towards the Clearer World

I think it was about 35 years ago when I first heard when someone was worried about climate change. My opinion on it was, ”The atmosphere does cleanse itself, whether people will survived or not.”

Today, much attention has been paid to carbon dioxide emissions and its impact on global warming and the increase in storms. The other issue has received less attention. Air pollutants.

The air warms up when the sun heats the small particles mixed with it. Particles caused by exhaust emissions are talked about, but not microscopically small plastic particles. Soot particles from exhaust fumes or even forest fires and volcanic eruptions come down with the rain, so the atmosphere can handle them. Also microscopically small plastic particles, already found everywhere, come down with the rain. But… when they dry on the ground, they rise with the winds back into the atmosphere. That means their numbers will keep increasing.

On the ’Help for the world’ pages, I have told through the details that have caused us problems. On these pages, I try to show you ways to fix them. I’m not claiming to have been completely successful in every detail, which is why I hope for ideas from you too.
No larger entity can fix it by just fixing one detail, because it usually brings the problem somewhere else. Therefore, one should first be able to perceive the entity that is desired. It must then be accompanied by details that, by supporting each other, create the desired wholeness.

I have ended up to four main points, which are:

  • Better Climate
  • Better democracy
  • Better Tax Legislation
  • Consolation Organization

Combating climate change is a priority for ensuring human safety and food production. But also to prevent the flows of refugees, which is one of the big causes of the world’s problems.Producing clean water for the worlds arid areas would allow residents to produce their own food. Also reforestation in many places. These measures would also increase the production of oxygen to the atmosphere.

In many countries, democracy is also in a bad state. Also in those who market it to others, even by force. That is why democracy needs to be updated closer to the ordinary citizen.

The global market economy that led to the problems also needs legislation repairs around the world. For it I’m offering tax model that would give equal conditions for all types and all sizes of companies. It shifts the focus from massive support for exports to domestic production. That is, it shift the focus to that most important one, the trade balance. To the fact that imports are less than exports. Same time as it creates jobs, it is the best way to prevent pandemics from spreading quickly.

In addition, I hope there will be built a kind of Consolation Organization to alleviate the grown anger within people who have suffered in wars and conflicts. It could prevent the cycle of violence from continuing for decades.

I can’t do any of these alone, you are needed too.

Reijo Lahdenperä

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