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I sent several messages to all Finnish members of parliament in early 2017. Here is the last paragraph of one message (April 27, 2017)

”By concentrating people in cities, emissions and energy consumption have not been reduced, but family ties have been broken and the rest of Finland has been greened like a cemetery. An even bigger mistake has been made in terms of national defense! Large units and population centers have become excellent targets… also for terrorists and pandemics.”

And this was certainly not the first time I mentioned these things. Over the years, I have tried time and time again to get politicians to see where we are going, to no avail. I will start with this message because it is at the same time my history on this matter. I’ll add more posts here later.

April 12 2017
Civic perspective

Ladies and gentlemen,
this message reaches you all by constituency.

I will start with an excerpt from my message to Prime Minister Sipilä (PM 2015–2019) / assistants on 19.01.2017

”You, Prime Minister, have embarked on an ambitious project to halt the trend of inequality. When look at the composition of the commission. what are they studying? Is that, how they had succeed become unequal in this society?”

Expert-driven legislative work has become part of Western democracy. Those who consider themselves wiser than the target group will instruct what is best for each. The policy of bowing to titles and degrees has also become arrogant. The suppression of the voice of the average citizen has also had consequences. The vast majority of the world’s wealth and money is concentrated to few. Instead, states themselves run their own finances with borrowed money! The end result does not flatter democracy.

In Finland, the most prominent leader of the ”The money for business and debts to the state” economic policy has been the Kokoomus (the right-wing party). Kekkonen (President of Finland 1956-1982) seems to have been right when he did not let the Kokoomus involve the government. Unfortunately, he couldn’t have guessed that his own wouldn’t turn out better.

The Waste Water Ordinance decided by the government of Vanhanen (PM 2003-2007 and 2007-2010) is a great example of how politicians can be made to promote statutory business … for a few. Despite its virtuous goal of keeping the countryside inhabited, the Keskusta (Center-party) itself caused significant costs to residents of areas that they thought to be their own! Juha Sipilä’s way, through Green Rock Oy (Company manufacturing wastewater treatment equipment), to the framework of the wastewater regulation, their entry into force and further to the chairman of the Keskusta, who arranged the debts of the almost bankrupt party, gives an excellent picture of the mode of operation of the political system.

I’m not even claiming anything illegal here. We all have the opportunity to influence legislation, for example in the form of a citizens’ initiative. But the existence of a bypass seems unfair.

Vanhanen’s second government forced more statutory spending on citizens. In Finland, on 1 March 2009, the Government Decree on the settlement and measurement of electricity supplies entered into force. Installing remotely readable meters cost consumers Eur 800 million. And because they don’t last the same way for decades as old gauges, they keep new ones. The second tranche of the 800 million statutory business will be paid for by consumers! One of the companies whose logo can be found on many such devices is Fortum (State-owned energy company). So, the same one that recently invested a significant amount in an IT company (Company owned by Sipilä’s children) in Oulu. Almost in bankrupt, already supported by millions. The company, reinforced with new capital, immediately got the big deals from India.

The connection to India has also been studied, and nothing illegal has been found in it. And neither am I claiming this. Not even from the Talvivaara (Mining company) case, in which several influential persons of the Keskusta have been involved. And to which hundreds of millions of society’s funds have been pumped.
And there are other expensive projects created with the support of the Center. Like wind power, for example!

In the light of these examples alone, it can be concluded that the Bio energy project driven by the Keskusta will fail… from the point of view of the citizens. Not to mention the planned SOTE solution (Social security plan) with its new provincial administrations. The aim is to change the structures in the same way as before. Business secured by law and state funds. By the same familiar principle: ”The money for business and debt to the state!”

If you had bothered to study even in the slightest, or had personal experiences, you would have noticed the same as I did. Doctors in public office and running their own business in the evening have themselves been causing queues on the public side. Massive medicine prescriptions also come from the same source.

Even in this case, the use of bypass lanes must first be blocked, and no time must be sacrificed for new nonsense.

Economic policy that touches the limits of the Constitution has been pursued in Finland for decades. As a result, the countryside has gradually become depopulated and properties have lost their value. Unlike in the south, where the problem is the opposite. People are being pushed for work and housing prices are rising too much. According in the face of justice, this has been an unequal representation of citizens. The Constitution is also unambiguous at this point. Everyone is equal front the law and everyone’s property is secured. Nevertheless, in addition to the legislation, the constitution has also been got to bend for ”Robber gentlemen”.

The complaint ”Decades of unconstitutional legislative work” I made to The Constitutional Affairs Committee has been registered as received on 9 February 2017.  Address it if you are able to fairly assess the problems that have arisen despite self-control. If you are unable to do so, a Constitutional Court should be set up to safeguard the equal rights of citizens. This is the case in many other countries that consider themselves the rule of law.

If for some reason the complaint has been directed directly to the trash, you can find it on my website reijolahdenpera (dot) com

Reijo Lahdenperä

PS. It is said that it is not the fool who asks, but the one who pays. If so, it has been proven by the adoption of legislation in favor of capital circles and confirmed by Himanen’s study of the future (Commissioned work by the government of Jyrki Katainen (PM 2011-2014), the total cost of which was approximately EUR 1 million and the actual value of which was zero euros)
By it you also did set a minimum value for advice to correct grievances.

PPS. Ministers Juha Rehula and Kimmo Tiilikainen. In the election observation, you wondered what is the reason of the weak support of the Center Party in Helsinki? Let’s face it… For decades, your party has claimed to be a supporter of rural issue. During this time, hundreds of thousands of people have moved from the provinces to the metropolitan area. Why have almost none of them packed the support of the Center Party along with them?
Could it be that who is forced to move after work because of money, they do not get enough large housing in Helsinki where would be space for empty promises?

Some examples of my familiarity with the legislation and the problems it creates:

I started trying to fix these things 30 years ago. This work, done at one’s own expense for the benefit of society, could be regarded as social work in accordance with the requirements currently set out in return for unemployment benefits. That is, I have also been a pioneer in that. Or what you think Ben Zyskowicz ;o) (The member of Parliament of Kokoomus)

But, as I have noticed, over the decades the ordinary citizen and the third sector work have also considered to be as a work of third class! Just like anything else that you don’t have to pay for, is considered as in a value of zero. Unfortunately, also the thoughts that proactive problems!

1987 Early in the year

I visited in Parliament to say to Foreign Minister Paavo Väyrynen that the development of legislation is going in the wrong direction. I told that the reason is the fact that employment costs are rising, but correspondingly, investments that replace workers are rewarded by legislation. I added that if you do nothing, will soon come a hell amount of unemployed.

By the turn of the decade, I had also visited SAK (the Finnish Central Union of Employee Organizations) and the Finnish Entrepreneur Association to talk about the same problem and the need to fix it.

And then what was done:

– Nothing was done in Parliament that could have prevented the recession of the 90’s and mass unemployment that I had anticipated. (Of course, Väyrynen’s time on the government ended quite soon after my visit. On the other hand, the Keskusta (Centre Party) could have raised the issue in its election themes then. Or sometimes later.. but not to this day!)

– With the contribution of SAK’s strike demands, was received significantly more paid leave as the Pekkas days (12.5 x 8 hours paid free time). Their idea of sharing the success of large companies with employees, brought about a solution that would shake their own members. It unreasonably increased the cost burden on small labor-intensive sectors, which was already becom too heavy. Indeed, greed that does not understand the whole is one of the reasons for the wave of bankruptcy, mass unemployment and the recession of the 90’s.

– Esko Aho’s government (1991-1995) handled the banking crisis in ways that are not to be commended. Olli Rehn(The current General Manager of the Bank of Finland), the Special Political Assistant to Esko Aho, was also aiming to address a similar problem in Spain a few years ago as EU Economic Commissioner. The consequences were similar to those in Finland. Seizure of hundreds of thousands of properties, and numerous suicides!

– Finnish Entrepreneurs organization, for their part, did seal the distorted legislation with their accession to the European Union. In the words of Jussi Järventaus: ”We can no longer change anything because we are members of the EU!” Needless to say, they did not have time to examine my arguments in advance of accession because they were in such a hurry to preparing for accession!

– Järventaus was also of the opinion that private individuals know how to manage the pension reserves better than the state.

1996 ”I twisted iron wire”

I presented to the Lapland MPs the differences in the influence of legislation between handicraft and automated companies, using small wooden dolls and blocks. I tried to illuminate, for those who walk in the dark, the root causes of the problems and the ways to fix them. Unfortunately, the lamp did not light up between the ears of the representatives drowned in the party ideology.

2013 Thesis ”Towards the future with the guidance of history”

I emailed my Thesis in June 2013 to all MPs at the time. The content reviews the development of legislation from the 50’s-60’s to 2010. (Also available on my website.) A couple of excerpts:

”The rise will be more difficult than the previous ones, because there will no longer be so many newcomers from the countryside. It will start to be empty. Unemployment will also remain at a higher level than before the recession. This was also the case after the recession of the 90’s.”
”Taking all the implications into account, it is clear that complex legislation in itself is a structural change. It is made to take advantage of small and employing businesses. As fundraisers – but also by preventing them from competing against the big ones. The system puts them and their employees in distress and puts their assets back into circulation as quickly as possible. For decades, legislation has used this unscrupulous line as a means of resuscitation.”

Statistics from before the recession of the 90’s:

The pension contribution percentages
Year  %  Prime Minister / governing parties and term of office
-83 11,1 Sorsa IV / SDP, Keskusta, RKP ja SMP 6.5.-83-30.4.-87
-84 11,1 ——– ” ——– ” ——– ” ——– ” —— ” ——- ” ——
-85 11,5 ——– ” ——– ” ——– ” ——– ” —— ” ——- ” ——
-86 12,2 ——– ” ——– ” ——– ” ——– ” —— ” ——- ” ——
-87 13,0 Holkeri / Kokoomus, SDP ja RKP 30.4. 1987-26.4.1991
-88 13,8 ——– ” ——– ” ——– ” ——– ” —— ” ——- ” ——
-89 14,9 ——– ” ——– ” ——– ” ——– ” —— ” ——- ” ——
-90 16,9 ——– ” ——– ” ——– ” ——– ” —— ” ——- ” ——
-91 16,9 Aho / Keskusta, Kokoomus,RKP ja Kristil.  26.4.-91-13.4.-95
-92 14,4 ——– ” ——– ” ——– ” ——– ” —— ” ——- ” ——
-93 18,5 ——– ” ——– ” ——– ” ——– ” —— ” ——- ” ——
-94 18,6 ——– ” ——– ” ——– ” ——– ” —— ” ——- ” ——
-95 20,6 Lipponen/SDP,Kokoomus,RKP,Vas.ja Vihr. 13.4.-95-15.4.-99
-96 21,2 ——– ” ——– ” ——– ” ——– ” —— ” ——- ” ——
-97 21,2 ——– ” ——– ” ——– ” ——– ” —— ” ——- ” ——
-98 21,5 ——– ” ——– ” ——– ” ——– ” —— ” ——- ” ——
-99 21,5 ——– ” ——– ” ——– ” ——– ” —— ” ——- ” ——  

An increase in payments due to rising unemployment?
Or did a nearly 100% increase in pension contributions in 13 years lead to an increase in unemployment? By adding to the considerable increase in paid holidays that have taken place at the same time, you will get next to problems! And yet, when you add to the unfair development of other legislation that began to destroy small craft businesses for the benefit of large ones, you begin to be at the heart of the causes / consequences.
You may also realize that structural change has not come out from nowhere to annoyance you, but it is the result of legislation. Just from it what you (the parties) yourself have built over the decades.

From he pages of Tela -Investment Analysis 2016
TELA = Employment Pension Insurers Association

”At the end of the third quarter of 2016, the total net amount of funded assets of employment pension insurers, ie the net investment portfolio, was EUR 184.1 billion.”
”During the third quarter of 2016, non-euro area investments accounted for 53.2%, …”
”The development is based on more efficient risk diversification of assets. In addition, pension assets have grown large, as a result of which finding suitable investment targets requires investing partly outside domestic borders.”

Katainen from this ”about partly investing outside the domestic borders”!

The Kokoomus Party’s election tour stopped in Keminmaa on 15 May 2014, led by Prime Minister Jyrki Katainen.
I asked him if he saw any problems with the fact that some EUR 80 billion in pension funds had been invested in foreign companies. He thinks there are no problems with it because it generates investment returns. I clarified my question by explaining that nationwide pension contributions are collected from companies that provide jobs and invested in foreign companies. Often also to competing companies that import products into our country. Katainen replied that there are not so many investment targets for such a sum of money in Finland. I noted that still the state takes about the same amount of loans as has invested pension money to abroad. The Prime Minister replied that the law stipulates that pension funds must not take too much centralized risk. I asked, but you (MPs) make those laws? He answered in the affirmative.

A few of the local Kokoomus members who listened to our discussion would also have liked a correction. But Katainen left Finland and its problems behind and left to Europe.

If you have read this far and still consider yourself, Western democracy and the market economy to be the most successful combination in the world, I urge you to look at the summary.

Let’s sum up what has remained below the line over the years
China’s state treasury + about 3,000 billion
Western debts               – about 3,000 billion
– internal migration
– the refugee problem
Operating result: ____________________________
Inequality, debts and extra dependents

One can, of course, argue that China is doing well because social benefits and human rights issues are in the backyard. Are, of course, but the coffers have been filled with money carried from the West, and by them has been made the result for China! It is now used by the Chinese when buying Europe. The most sad are those politicians who, in front of every penny placed in Finland, glow with excited and are pushing grants! Like fools supporting foreign little money! At the same time, we have invested more than one hundred billion in pension money abroad.

If this still doesn’t go in between your ears, we could have funded at least 100 biofuel plants like the one planned to Kemi. Well, in so many factories, there wouldn’t have been any sense, as was the case with ”Car scrap money”. Yes, money came to the state treasury, but you increased imports! Same as pension funds. Good return, but even greater damage.

And when it comes to refugees. When the West has ruined its economy, it has certainly ruined more. Regarding this, a couple of excerpts from my letter to Barack Obama just over a year ago:

”I have often criticized the world policy of US, even the meanest terms. Still, it has not been personal, because I have also studied a little of history. Almost always a Republican president has started a war somewhere in the world, and correspondingly Democrat has tried to stop it. Armed conflicts and their continuing, as well as refugee flows are largely caused by a Republicans. Is one of their supporter the arms industry? Would be a good question.”

”In other words, I am worried about the instability of American policy. If after you, will be selected a Republican, a high probability is, that the things you made will be fail. But even worse, will start a war somewhere in the world. Or at least the former conflicts become worse. It increases the influx of refugees, which in turn cause unrest in Europe, which in turn creates the conditions for armed showdown inside the borders of Europe.” 

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