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Pyramid model testing in summer 2019

The power of the pyramid

After last summer’s tests, I got to know that at least Cheops’s pyramid was a power plant. Yes, I know there have been developed dozens of theories, but mine works.

The operation has been based on two flows in opposite directions. The incoming airflow has been dry and hot. The second flow has been cold and humid. The same thing happens in the atmosphere, it causes thunder. It suggests that electricity was being made in the pyramid. In addition, it seems that the heat of the hot air stream has risen to several hundred degrees, which means that from the water vapor will be released hydrogen.

And yes, I know how they created a hot stream with the power of the sun. Today, to create a similar flow, would require about 400 compressors powered by 100 kilowatt diesel engines. That’s 40,000 kilowatts = 40 megawatts.

Also the tests opened up a few other opportunities to use. The idea contained in the pyramid, can be used to collect heat in the summer and use it in the winter. Also by applying and using a pyramid model, water can be purified.

Both are important in projects to combat climate change. The hot and poor areas of the Earth can be watered, which means less refugee flows. And up to almost northern Finland is possible collect heat for the winter. Which means that anywhere in the world from equator to polar circle could be good chance of displacing coal and other fossil fuels by the method of ancient pyramid.

Of course, this requires still more experimentation to know the optimal sizes for each purpose.

Reijo Lahdenperä 

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